Velda Cover Net 2 x 3 m for Ponds

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This finely-woven and durable cover net is very effective in keeping leaves and branches out of your pond in the fall, and keeping herons and other intruders at bay all through the year. As a result, it will lower the risk of algae growth in spring, make pond maintenance a lot easier, and protect your fish.The cover net will be almost invisible on the water surface, so you can keep enjoying your water feature. It is very durable product, due to reinforcements all around the net, and the strong holding rings. The net is supplied with pegs, ready for use, and is delivered in a zippered bag for easy storage and transportation.

  • Dimensions: 2 x 3 m (W x L)
  • Suitable for ponds of 6 m²
  • Number of pegs: 10 pieces
  • Very finely woven
  • Reinforced edge all around
  • Strong holding rings
  • Delivered in a zippered bag
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