Gold Drum Stool Table

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  • Tempered glass top
  • Mirrored gold finish
  • 60cm x 62cm x 62cm
Looking for a coffee table that's a bit more upbeat? both a stylish side table and a real working base drum. Whether you love music, or you love unusual things or both this 2-in-1 Large Drum Side Table is beautiful, practical and of course coming from Canning Interiors its so affordable too. Beautifully finished. Its beautifully decorated in a mirrored gold finish with a removable fitted glass top. Its ideal for the music enthusiast and those who love quirky designer furniture. It features a reflective gold casing with a hand-painted rim, plus a decorative rope and leather straps, so its the type that its more likely to be seen in a marching band or drum corps. Sounds like a great idea. Its a table and a real base drum. If youre just like your little uns and you cant resist wanting to give it a go and lets be honest were all big kids at heart even when were grown-ups you can give it a big bang, after all it is the largest drum in an orchestra. Bang on for value. Its 2-in-1 value for money as its both an unusual table and also a base drum. And of course coming from Canning Interiors it costs so little: now thats worth making a song and dance about. You cant beat it. Well you can beat it. Its great for announcing that dinner is ready in your home or for getting the kids out of bed in the morning. Whats in a name? Its also known as a Gran Cassa in Italy, Grosse Caisse in France, Grosse Trommel in Germany, if you dont want to call it the base drum, go for the Spanish word: Bombo.
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