The Art of Using Mirrors to Enhance Your Home’s Interior

The Art of Using Mirrors to Enhance Your Home’s Interior

The Art of Using Mirrors to Enhance Your Home’s Interior

Using freestanding and wall-hung mirrors in your home can have a really uplifting effect on its interior decor, as they not only reflect light around your home but also provide the illusion of open spaces. Of course, all mirrors have a functional role to play, but the majority of the time, they sit in place, silently improving the aesthetics of your property.

However, there are some simple rules you need to follow when placing or hanging yours, as there is most definitely a right and a wrong way to do it. In this blog, we offer up some tips on how to make sure that you’re getting the most out of the benefits that wall-hung and freestanding mirrors provide.

Choosing Good Placement

Always consider the appropriate level for the mirror or room in question, as the placement should be determined by the way you’re going to use it. Typically speaking, you’ll be placing or hanging it at eye level, as you would with a photograph or piece of art. However, if for example, you’re wanting to provide the illusion of depth whilst relaxing in your living room, your mirrors will need to be hung lower down. Consider what you’re trying to achieve and then place your freestanding and wall mirrors accordingly.

Busyness Reflected?

When choosing the right location for your wall-hung or freestanding mirror, you need to consider exactly what you’re going to have reflected back at you. What often happens is that we see some available space and think “oh that’s a good place for the mirror” before we’ve actually thought about what’s located across from it. If the area across from your mirror is quite busy or untidy, you’re going to see it twice, so factor that into your placement decision.

Using Multiple Mirrors

You shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with using more than one wall mirror at a time to create a gallery-like effect, as this can offer a low-cost visually striking look to your interior decor. The same rules apply regarding clutter and mess and you should also try not to place wall mirrors directly facing each other or you could end up with an unwanted house-of-mirrors type effect!

Choosing The Right Frame

Whilst all mirrors share one common characteristic, the frames they have can vary greatly. Don’t assume that every mirror will look great in any location, as a busy frame will just accentuate and exaggerate a busy decor. If you’re looking to tone things down a bit, we’d recommend going for a minimalist or frameless mirror so as not to add to any clutter problems you may have.

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